Texture Effects 2 Community Exclusive effects are here! Fall Foliage Photography Effects are now available in the Community.

Here in Texas, where Topaz Labs is located, we have 2 “seasons” which consist of deathly hot or freezing cold. (I might be a little dramatic when it comes to weather…) But, we don’t get the beautiful fall colors that the Ozarks and New England areas are blessed with.

Now, it’s easy for everyone to have fall looks and autumn colors in photographs. There are now five fall effects ready for download in the Community! From warm and soft to spooky and chilling, these 5 effects are sure to give your fall photography a boost of autumn warmth. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice!

Fall Foliage Photography Effects - Fall Trees - After

Make sure you have Texture Effects 2.1! Download a free 30 day trial to see what it can do or update your program now. Running Windows? Click here! Have a Mac? Click over here!

How to Access the Effects in the Topaz Community

Open Texture Effects 2 and open your image:

1 Open Texture Effects

Locate the Source Button and change the Source to Community:

2 Select Source Community

Change Filter Effects By… (the button with 3 dots) to Search:

3 Change Filter Effects

Type in FallFoliage and hit Enter:

4 Type in FallFoliage

5 effects will come up! You can easily download any or all effects to your local machine. Simply click the download button. These effects will then be categorized into your Downloaded category for easy access.

Fall Portrait Photograph Effect

Warm up your portraits this fall with the Fall Portrait Photograph Effect! This effect features a warm light leak and a subtle vignette to make pictures seem more cozy and soft.

Topaz Fall Foliage Fall Portrait - Before

Topaz Fall Foliage Fall Portrait - After

Soft Portrait Photograph Effect

Edit Fall Portraits in a flash with this super soft and subtle effect. Soft Portrait Photograph Effect is perfect for making flawless portraits in an instant.

Topaz Fall Foliage Soft Portrait - Before

Topaz Fall Foliage Soft Portrait - After

Foggy Morning Photograph Effect

Instantly change your fall foliage images from beautiful to spooky! This Fall Foliage Effect will add a foggy, mist like texture to your image instantly.

Topaz Fall Foliage Foggy Morning - Before

Topaz Fall Foliage Foggy Morning - After

Fall Trees Photograph Effect

Intensify fall landscapes with the Fall Trees Photograph Effect. This effect will bring sunshine warmth and golden hour glow to your images.

Topaz Fall Foliage Fall Trees - Before

Topaz Fall Foliage Fall Trees - After

Golden Hour Photograph Effect

This effect is a little more advanced: Add warm golden hour tones and customize by relocating the sun, or light leak.

Topaz Fall Foliage Golden Hour - Before

Topaz Fall Foliage Golden Hour - After

How to Update Effects:

Open your image in Texture Effects 2 and apply the effect that you like. Edit the Effect by clicking on the slider icon on the effect, the black circle with white lines:

2 Apply Effect

The Adjustment Panel will open:

3 Edit Effect

Make changes. In this example, I moved the Light Leak by opening the Adjustment (tiny arrow to the left of the Eye), selecting Move, and then clicking on the image to relocate the light leak to a better place.


And now the effect is perfect for you!

Why use Fall Foliage Photography Effects?

These 5 effects were created to speed up your editing time this fall! Use these effects on casual pictures, portrait sessions, landscape images, fall foliage, and more. Use them as is or easily customize them for one of a kind looks.

Thanks so much for reading about how to add fast fall warmth and color with Texture Effects 2! I hope you learned a little today and had some fun with Texture Effects 2.

I also want to personally invite you to check out Topaz Labs on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and Instagram and share what you have created. We also offer free Webinars and have a great Discussion Forum if you’re interested in learning more!

About Jodi L. Robbins

Jodi is currently the Art Director of Topaz Labs. She has been an artist and photographer for over 15 years, starting with black and white film photography and alternative processing. After completing her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, she worked in product photography for companies such as Heritage Auctions, Neiman Marcus, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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