Windows users can now use Topaz products in Lightroom with a free update. See here for more:

Topaz Fusion

A separate free download called Topaz Fusion is required to allow Topaz products to work within Lightroom. Previously only Mac users could use Topaz products in Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto. With this update to Fusion, Windows users can now also run Topaz products in Lightroom, in addition to the wide range of other host programs already supported.

To proceed, visit the Topaz Fusion webpage for more information and for a free download.

The plug-ins that currently work with Fusion include:

  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Detail
  • Topaz Simplify
  • Topaz Clean
  • Topaz DeJPEG

Topaz DeNoise will be supported within the next couple of weeks. Please write below if you have any questions or comments!

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