Bring instant brilliance to your images with Glow. Apply easy to use effects for a jolt of electric light within your images. With Glow 2 you can create millions of different effect styles and adjustments to make exciting art and one of a kind images. Subtle enhancements can be made with blending modes and electrifying art can easily be made with presets and adjustments. Check out all the new features of Glow!

New System Requirements:

Glow 2 has new system requirements. Be sure to check out the new system requirements before downloading.

Save on Glow 2 Now:

For a limited time: Take advantage of our special offer, a 30% discount off Glow 2. Use coupon code GLOW2 at checkout and receive Glow 2 for only $48.99, over $20.00 off retail price! 


Know Glow:

Glow 2

Power of Glow – From subtle to extreme, easy to use presets with the power to refine and adapt effects help you create your perfect vision. Begin by exploring presets, dive into the community to download and share custom presets, or create your own from scratch.

Subtle Original and Extreme Examples

Flow with Glow – Glow 2 boasts an easy to use workflow process for novices and professionals alike. Immediately explore a spectrum of possibilities with over 100 hand-crafted effects and delve deeper by creating your own personal, custom effects.

Glow 2 Introduction

Grow with GlowWith the Topaz Community, it’s easier than ever to share your custom effects with a world of Topaz users. Just sign into the Community, then save and share the effect with other Topaz users just like you. Need to amplify your creativity? Browse the community to download other user’s custom effects and apply or edit in a click!


Glow How? Know How! – Topaz Labs offers a plethora of resources to help you along the way. Our blog offers tutorials from Topaz Labs product specialists and professional photographers alike. Webinars offer verbal instruction and our discussion board is a great place to interact with other Topaz Labs users to show your work, participate in discussions, and more.

So, What’s New?

Glow 2 continues to electrify your images with vibrant colors and shocks of illumination but now it’s better than ever! We are very excited for this upgrade as Glow 2 features a variety of new tools and features.

Masking – The newly added Masking feature allows you to perfect your images with four different options – spot, color, luminosity, and brush. Manipulate and change applied effects with custom brush sizes, opacity levels, hue levels, and more.

Masking Options

Blending – Achieve perfect control with 28 blend modes and a precision opacity slider.

Blending Modes

The Topaz Community – Recently implemented in Glow 2, The Topaz Community is an interactive feature where members  can search for and download custom created effects, upload favorite creations, and get inspired with other Community users!  

Community Share

Undo and Redo – Glow 2 now features unlimited Undo and Redo to assist you with changes to your images while progressing through your workflow. Change your mind as much as you like with limitless Undo and Redo to find the perfect adjustment for your art.

Undo Redo

Complete artistic control is achieved by creating your own style with custom effects, which can be made by working with easy to use adjustment sliders. With Glow, you can easily bring your images to life with shocks of color and electric light!

Get it now!


Already own Glow? Upgrades are always free for products you already own! Simply download and install the update for Windows or Mac OSX to enjoy the newest features today.


Ready to buy? Be sure to take advantage of our limited special offer, a 30% discount off Glow 2. Use coupon code GLOW2 and receive Glow 2 for only $48.99, over $20.00 off retail price!

Or want to try? If you haven’t tried Topaz Glow before, what are you waiting for? We offer a 30-day free trial! Download your trial now.

Glow 2 Gallery

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