Why should it take hours to perfect a memorable image?

Topaz Texture Effects 2 streamlines the workflow process for creating layered texture images in a fraction of the time it takes in Photoshop. With hundreds of expertly crafted effects and an extensive library of textures, borders, and more directly at your fingertips, there’s no more scouring the web for a look that inspires you.

Here at Topaz Labs we are excited to announce the release of Texture Effects 2! With a new image processing engine that uses extensive GPU, 90 new textures, over 400 included pre-made effects, new workflow features, and an improved user interface, Texture Effects 2 is better than ever!

And if that isn’t enough to excite every creative bone in your body, you can get $10 off Texture Effects 2 with special promo code TFX2 until October 30, 2016.


What used to take me hours, takes minutes.

Hi everyone! Jodi here, Topaz Labs Art Director. 10 years ago I spent a month in New Mexico photographing forgotten locations and parts of Route 66. I developed a style that I love but it took hours to create in Photoshop. With Texture Effects 2 all of the textures, aging effects, and light leaks I love are available for use in the fastest workflow on the market. Now I can shoot, upload, and edit in minutes instead of hours.


More Horsepower

Editing images with new tools can be time consuming, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste away dealing with complicated systems to create the effect you’re looking for. Texture Effects 2 is fast with an intuitive workflow, easy to use adjustment modules, and a more extensive use of the latest in GPU processing technology. You’ll rediscover the joy of editing like you shoot, in a flash!

Shift Gears Quickly

Texture Effects 2 boasts over 400 handcrafted, easy to use effects. We’ve added 10 new borders, 30 new double exposure images, and 50 professionally crafted textures from 2 Lil Owls and Meredith Images. You’re sure to cut your creative brainstorming time in half and be able to edit many different images hundreds of ways in half the time.

Stay Up to Speed

Stay in the creative know with Texture Effects 2. We’ve included hundreds of assets for you but your creativity is sure to be fueled by our Community, a place to share and download effects from users just like you. You’ll never get stuck in a creative rut again. The Topaz Community is better than ever with an interactive feature where members can search for and download custom created effects, upload favorite creations, and get inspired with other Community users!
The Topaz Community

So, What’s New?

Texture Effects 2 continues to inspire you with just a click of the mouse but now it’s better than ever! We are very excited for this upgrade as Texture Effects 2 features a variety of new tools and features.

Faster than Ever -Texture Effects uses the latest in GPU processing to ensure that your effects are ready the second you are. Combined with an intuitive adjustment process and the ability to quickly edit, rearrange, or remove adjustments, it transforms your workflow from infuriating to exhilarating.

90 New Assets – 10 new borders, 30 new double exposure images, and 50 professionally crafted textures from 2 Lil Owls and Meredith Images are included with Texture Effects 2.


Over 35 New Effects – Speaking of New Assets, Texture Effects 2 is better than ever with over 35 new preloaded effects that are ready for use or customization.

effectsOver 35 New Effects

New Workflow Features – Texture Effects 2 now features Transparency Support for borders, light leaks, scratches, and more. Take your Adjustments even further with Enhancements, refinements for each layer change. Fine tune your image with masking for each adjustment, 20 different blending modes, and more.

transpandenhancementsTransparency Support

Unlimited Undo/Redo – Change your mind as often as you like with unlimited Undo/Redo. Try new effects, adjustments, and enhancements without committing to changes until you’re ready.


Create your own style with custom effects, which can be made by working with easy to use adjustment sliders. With Texture Effects 2, you can easily bring your images to life with textures, light leaks, dust, scratches, and more!

Get it Now!

Already own Texture Effects? Upgrades are always free for products you already own! Simply download and install the update for Windows or Mac OSX to enjoy the newest features today.

Ready to buy? Be sure to take advantage of our limited special offer, a $10 discount off Texture Effects 2. Use coupon code TFX2 and receive Texture Effects 2 for only $59.99!


Or want to try? If you haven’t tried Topaz Texture Effects before, what are you waiting for? We offer a 30-day free trial! Download your trial now.


Texture Effects 2 Gallery

I want to personally invite you to check out Topaz Labs on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and see what other users are creating. We also offer free Webinars and have a great Discussion Forum if you’re interested in learning more.

About Jodi L. Robbins

Jodi is currently the Art Director of Topaz Labs. She has been an artist and photographer for over 15 years, starting with black and white film photography and alternative processing. After completing her BFA in Studio Art from Southern Methodist University and her Masters in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, she worked in product photography for companies such as Heritage Auctions, Neiman Marcus, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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