Digital noise is a very common occurrence (especially in night images) and tends to have undesired tradeoffs with your image detail when trying to remove it. Topaz DeNoise is able to achieve higher levels of noise reduction than existing methods while still keeping your photo looking sharp, detailed and natural.

As you know, checking for and removing digital noise is one of the most important things to do before starting your post processing. The presence of noise in an image can have negative effects on any additional adjustments that you make to your image. I would always suggest cleaning your image before starting any color, detail or other creative enhancements – especially with night shots.

Shooting at night usually means low light, higher ISO’s, long exposures and inevitably: digital noise.

Another side effect of shooting at night is that your image can often be left with a red or blue color cast. Additionally, any image will naturally have more noise in darker, shadow areas. DeNoise makes it easy to remove the noise, retain your details and create a stunning nighttime image.

Nichole Paschal, our Marketing Specialist, has prepared a Quick Tip Webinar on Managing Noise in Night Images with Topaz DeNoise to show you some tricks on improving your night images.

For additional tips check out the Topaz DeNoise Workflow Tips tutorial.

This post was originally posted on March 18, 2011
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