If you are a Photoshop Elements users then this is your time! The new Elements 11 was just released and WOW are there some BIG changes that make it more use-friendly and easier to use. Two of the first things you’ll notice upon opening it is the redesigned interface and the guided edits and filters. Together with your favorite plug-ins, you’re sure to see a definite boost in both productivity and creativity.

For those making the switch to PSE 11 (or doing a 30-day trial run) your Topaz plug-ins are already compatible, so just be sure to move them over so that you can still use them. If you don’t know how to move your plug-in files I have written some steps to quickly walk you through the process. (It’s pretty simple and should take less than 3 minutes) Learn how here.

Should you find any issues with Topaz or Photoshop Elements and need to reinstall (or any other questions) just contact our customer support and we can help you.

Once you get up and running in the new PSE11 let me know what you think. Do you like the new design and setup?

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