ReMask 5 Now Available! Already own ReMask? FREE Upgrade!

We’re excited to announce that ReMask 5 is now available and on sale! Get the latest version of this precise masking program for $20 off until September 18th, making it only $49.99. To receive the discount, apply coupon code GETREMASK5 to your cart during checkout.  Wanna try before you buy? You can with our FREE 30-day trial.

If you own ReMask 4 or an older version, then this is a free upgrade!

To upgrade: Simply close out of all open host editors (i.e. Photoshop) and download the software from our downloads page. Version 5 will not override version 4, so you may uninstall the older version if you’d prefer.

About ReMask

Topaz ReMask is our innovative masking plugin designed to create high quality extractions and masks, with as little effort as possible from you. ReMask utilizes user-friendly, color-coded trimap technology to make masking quick, easy and (dare I say) FUN! Simply select what areas of the photo you want to keep or cut out with a series of green, red, and blue brushes and fills. The software intelligently analyzes the photo based on your selections and generates a mask.  You can even save and load your mask for later use. With Topaz ReMask you’ll save time and conquer frustration by eliminating the busy work of using masks, paths, layer adjustments, selections and eraser tools to isolate a subject in your image.


What’s New in ReMask 5?

ReMask 5 Background Panel
In addition to the great masking technology you already know and love, ReMask 5 has some new features.

  • ReMask can now be used as a standalone application
  • Lightroom compatibility added
  • Support for High DPI (4k) monitors in Windows 7/8/10 (Requires a restart)


  • Now ReMask allows you to replace and edit the background of your masked image without leaving the program. From the newly integrated BACKGROUND panel you can choose from transparent, solid color, or image backgrounds.

Once you import a background image you can make some adjustments to it with the Background Adjustment sliders.


Before and After with background replaced.

Simple Steps for Precise Masking

(Click to enlarge)


Check out our customer gallery to see more examples.

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Other Resources

Users Guide

Hopefully this offers you some ideas on how the ReMask program can be used. See our tutorials page as well as YouTube channel for more demonstrations with Topaz ReMask.

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