I recently stumbled upon a post-processing article in Click magazine that featured Minnesota based photographer Beth Mancuso.  Beth’s inspiring conceptual work was featured and I was excited to see that she employs Topaz ReMask in her workflow…I knew then I wanted to share her work with you!


Many of Beth’s images are creative compositions in which she cuts out certain elements in an image and combines them to create a new conceptual image.  She said, “I love ReMask so much! It makes cutting things out so much easier and it’s brilliant software. Many times the elements of my images are actually taken from different photos.  Using ReMask makes isolating then combining each element quick and precise.”

Check out some of Beth’s creative compositions below.  Topaz ReMask was used in each image to cut out elements, which she then combined together to create her final image.

All images © Beth Mancuso

















All images © Beth Mancuso

Beth Mancuso is the owner of Manic Mother Photography and is based out of St. Cloud, MN.  Her work has been featured on Totally Rad, Shutter Sisters, TML Focus, Clickin Moms, My Modern Met, Bored Panda, Huffington Post, and PetaPixel.

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