Creating Highly Stylized Images in Topaz Studio with Rad A. Drew (56:05)

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“I do a lot of image processing using the iPhone and mobile apps to create highly stylized images. When I discovered Topaz it opened up a whole new world of processing for my “big camera” images.”

Join photographer Rad A. Drew as he shares his processes for creating highly stylized images using Topaz Studio and an array of Topaz tools like Topaz Impression, Texture Effects, Glow, and more. Drew processes his images in a way that takes the viewer into a fantasy land often only vaguely reminiscent of reality.

Rad will share his workflow in Topaz Studio with the new “In Studio” access to Clarity, Impression, Texture Effects, Simplify, and Detail, to quickly and easily edit your images to achieve your creative vision.

Rad is a teacher, tour leader, and award-winning photographer whose creative images have been recognized in juried international competitions and exhibited in galleries around the world. His photography workshops in the South of France, Cape Cod, Tuscany, Cuba, and other destinations throughout the USA are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world.
Learn more by visiting his website (, and be sure to Sign up for the Rad Drew Photography Newsletter (!

Be sure to stick around after the presentation for a quick Q/A, as well as exclusive discount codes and to see if you’re one of the two winners of the Topaz Studio Go Pro Pack that we’ll be giving away.

Auto Shine Tutorial with Glow 2

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Topaz Glow 2 is a great way to create unique images with illumination and energetic sparks of light. You can create vibrant, beautiful images with easy to use pre-made effects or you can create your own. By using internal adjustments, ready-made effects, and settings, it’s simple to use Glow 2 to enhance images in a variety of ways!

But did you know Glow 2 can be used in a subtle way to enhance images?

This tutorial will cover the subtle way Glow 2 can be used to compliment one of my favorite subjects: cars, boats, and motorcycles. This tutorial will showcase effect adjustments that will compliment subject matter that has reflective and glassy surfaces. If you’d like to try this tutorial out for yourself you can use your own image of a car or download a practice image here. You can also find the practice image in Resources.

Learn how to accomplish the following in this tutorial:

  • Getting started with Glow 2
  • Use Glow 2 to give vibrancy to your images
  • Use Glow 2 to enhance color
  • Save an effect in Glow 2
  • Share an effect to the Community

In this tutorial I’ll be using an image of a classic Mustang and I’ll also provide a few examples of how the final saved effect can easily be saved and used with similar images.

Let’s get started!

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Creative Essentials with Topaz Plug-ins PLUS The Official Introduction of Glow 2, presented by Joel Wolfson (50:09)

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Ever ask yourself what are the best plug-ins to use for this image? And what is the best way to use them? Join internationally published photographer and imaging expert Joel Wolfson as he shows you how he integrates some of his favorite Topaz plug-ins with Lightroom and Photoshop to create the extra touches necessary for outstanding images. Joel will show you how he uses the new Topaz Glow 2, Clarity, Adjust, ReMask, Detail and more to a creative end.

Joel conducts photo workshops worldwide from his native Southwest to Italy, France and other locales. His roster of notable clients include Newsweek, Elle, Seventeen, Houghton Mifflin, and corporate clients such as Apple, AT&T, 3M, United Airlines and Pillsbury. His technical articles on digital imaging have been translated for use in more than 30 countries. Yet he is best known for his artistic images and unexpected views of everyday places around the globe.

Be sure to stick around for the giveaway at the end of the webinar to see if you’re one of the 2 lucky winners of Topaz Glow.

Crafting Your Images with Topaz Adjust, Clarity, and B&W Effects, presented by John Barclay (45:04)

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We are happy to welcome back John Barclay, pro photographer and workshop leader, who will demonstrate how he is using Topaz B&W Effects, Texture Effects, Impression, Glow, Clarity and Adjust in his current creative workflow.

John is an award winning freelance photographer based in Bucks County PA. John is a passionate photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader, leading workshops and tours around the world. Recently, John was invited to join National Geographic Photographers Jonathan Kingston, Dewitt Jones and Rikki Cooke to co-lead the “See the Light Seminar” in Molokai Hawaii.

In addition, John was personally selected by Dewitt to be part of the project and he was the recipient of an excellence award from B&W Magazine.

Stick around till the end to see if you’ve won the copy of the Topaz Complete Collection we’ll be giving away to a lucky viewer!

Building Your Workflow Workbench with Texture Effects, presented by Blake Rudis (42:04)

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Just like the workbench in your garage, all of your tools have a proper place and a proper function. You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hit a nail, nor a hammer to adjust a screw. Photography workflow is no different. Every plugin has a proper place and function to be used effectively and efficiently! Join us with our guest, Blake Rudis, as he gives you the guidance you need to integrate Topaz Texture Effects into your photo post processing workflow workbench!

Blake is a Photoshop enthusiast with a strong Fine Art background. From painting in front of the TV with Bob Ross as a child to printmaking and sculpture he has always had a passion for anything creative. He currently has a thing for HDR Photography and you can see more of his images and Photoshop Tutorials at

How to Emphasize Edge Details

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If looking for a unique way to distinguish intricate details such as fur and feathers, look no further than Topaz Glow. Follow along to learn how to emphasize the smaller features in your image, making them crisper and sharper than before. If you don’t already own Glow, download a free 30-day trial of Topaz Glow.

Before we get started, if you noticed that there is a distracting element in your photograph, check out this tutorial, Enhancing Macro Photographyon how to remove it, then head back here to enhance the details of your image!

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From RAW to Ready: A Photo Editing Workflow (55:44)

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From simple to complicated, every photographer develops their own post-processing workflows. In this session, Nichole Paschal will demonstrate a basic editing workflow from a RAW image to print ready and then walk through the additional steps taken to transform this forest river image. Photoshop CC and multiple Topaz programs, including Adjust, Clarity, ReStyle and Glow will be used for this editing tutorial.