Julia Anna Gospodarou_Like A Harp's Strings I - Overture_1500px, Fine Art Architectural Photography by Julia Anna GospodarouLike a Harp’s Strings I – Overture

An accomplished architect and fine art architectural photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou has added another feat to her list with the completion of the book From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography, an educational read on black and white photography (written with co-author and award winning B&W photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar).

In this interview, read about everything from Gospodarou’s tips for successful daytime long exposures, why she prefers the square crop for fine art photography and what features she finds most essential in Topaz B&W Effects.

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Frozen Music I - Dutch Tax Administration low resFrozen Music I – Dutch Tax Administration


Whether it’s architecture, landscapes, portraits, or still life, you work exclusively with black and white photography.  What draws you to black and white photography, and more specifically what makes you choose this over color photography?


First of all there’s just something special about B&W photography, it has something mysterious, something nostalgic and something dramatic to it. There’s so much beauty in the simplicity of using just monotones. Furthermore I know from myself that I have this ability to express myself far more effectively in Black and White than I could ever do in color. That was my initial explanation for myself.

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“With any form of photography, the photo captures a point in time; it is a record of what was there at that specific moment. However, to make a photo interesting to the audience it must be more than just a record.

Cities contain many buildings, good and bad architecture; shapes; patterns; people and culture. Urban landscape is therefore a wide subject that can encompass the elements of both the physical and cultural aspects of a city.”

-Adrian Pym, writer and judge for the Digital Lightroom

In lieu of the on-going photography competition hosted by The Digital Lightroom, I was inspired by the current submission theme ‘Urban Landscape’ (see here on how to enter the competition to win a free copy of Topaz Clarity).

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In this creative edit, Topaz user Robyn Aber wanted to make an image that would memorialize some aspect of the San Fransciso Museum of Modern Art. As you may or may not know, the SFMoMa has closed until 2016 for major renovations.The image displayed below was snapped at the top level window leading to the rooftop sculpture garden. According to Aber, “post renovation this view may not even exist, given how radical the redesign will be.”

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