starfxHere is a useful trick for selectively placing stars or light sources in Topaz Star Effects. This application will allow you to have the freedom to place the ‘light’ wherever you want within the application.  Normally when a photo is brought into Star Effects, a brushed on white spot or naturally occurring light source cannot be changed or moved around once it is applied. This tutorial will allow you to create a star that can easily be placed anywhere in the image!

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In this tutorial, Joanne West shows how to edit an image using the dynamic sliders and  masking technique in Topaz Clarity.

by Joanne West

This is one of my favorite structures in Mariposa County, CA, an area abound with beautiful old barns. I have photographed this red barn in every way possible: front, back and side-to-side. This particular image is being used for the tutorial because it adds some complexity with the fence. I wanted to make the barn “p0p” while keeping the background and foreground in its original state. Easier said than done unless you are using Topaz Clarity!


Red Barn Before - original 2After:

Red Barn After - clarity finished 2

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