As the year comes to an end, let’s reflect on the best of Texture Effects. This year, Texture Effects saw major improvements as well as an update. If you have yet to update your Texture Effects, you can update it here for free! Many new features were added, as well as tons of great assets, some provided by 2 Lil Owls and Hazel Meredith.

Now, let’s reflect on some of the best of Texture Effects!

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Fall Foliage Photography Effects - Foggy Morning - After

Texture Effects 2 Community Exclusive effects are here! Fall Foliage Photography Effects are now available in the Community.

Here in Texas, where Topaz Labs is located, we have 2 “seasons” which consist of deathly hot or freezing cold. (I might be a little dramatic when it comes to weather…) But, we don’t get the beautiful fall colors that the Ozarks and New England areas are blessed with.

Now, it’s easy for everyone to have fall looks and autumn colors in photographs. There are now five fall effects ready for download in the Community! From warm and soft to spooky and chilling, these 5 effects are sure to give your fall photography a boost of autumn warmth. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice!

Fall Foliage Photography Effects - Fall Trees - After

Make sure you have Texture Effects 2.1! Download a free 30 day trial to see what it can do or update your program now. Running Windows? Click here! Have a Mac? Click over here!

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