Boring Photos are For the Birds!  Use Topaz Adjust to Add Interest to a Snapshot.

Every year in Texas we are greeted by the birds that fly south for the winter. It seems nice that they always come to visit, like a distant relative. And while it’s inspiring and majestic to see the geese flying in formation proudly, I’m always the most fascinated by the thousands of black birds I see silhouetted against the sky. It’s an almost sinister feeling that reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds. Every year I’m amazed at just how many birds can fit on the power lines and light poles, and I always try to snap a photo with as many of them in the composition as possible. Here’s a photo from this year’s migration taken with my iPhone through the car window.

Bird Photo_Natasha Teague_Before
Original Photo taken with my iPhone

Like so many other times that I’ve been inspired by a passing moment, this photo fails to capture the eerie sense of wonder that I felt when I took it. Since boring photos are for the birds, I challenged myself to enhance my photo with Topaz Adjust to give it just the Hitchcockian feel I was experiencing. (Before you ask, yes, I did my journalistic due diligence and made sure that Hitchcockian is a real word. Strange, isn’t it?)  Through a quick Google Images search I found two source images to reference for inspiration.

Source ImagesLeft Image Source; Right Image Source

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