Getting to Know You: Behind the Lens with Jill Wellington

When I first saw photos from Jill’s Vintage Val series I knew I wanted to talk to her about it.  As an avid thrift shopper and junk enthusiast myself, I love how Jill incorporates found objects into her vision-driven photos.

image030 (1)

Jill Wellington is a portrait photographer in Michigan.  While she still photographs several sessions a month, she is now teaching photography and photo editing through her blog, video tutorials on her Youtube Channel and weekly newsletter.  She just opened an Etsy shop to sell the digital backgrounds she spent years producing for her own professional photography.

 What’s the silliest photo of yourself that you’re willing to share?

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Winter Wonderland Chuck Nelson

We love the change in seasons at Topaz. And now the beautiful fall colors are fading away and snowy whites and icy blues are taking over with these Wonderful Winter Wonderland Photos! Check out our favorite images created by Topaz users just like you:

1. This Vintage Scene


Photograph by Bob Kramer
WebsiteBehind the Lens

Bob crafted this image of a C-30 Pick-Up with Topaz Restyle. Bob is a regular contributor to the Topaz Discussion Board! Continue Reading

Topaz Labs Fall Foliage Showcase

We love the change in seasons at Topaz and fall foliage colors are one of the many things we love about autumn! Check out our favorite images created by Topaz users just like you:

1. This Breathtaking Scene

Topaz Fall Foliage: Gary R. Hook

Photograph by Gary R. Hook
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Gary said this image was captured just outside of Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Clarity and Texture Effects were used, along with Lightroom/Photoshop.

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Topaz Labs would like to congratulate photographer Joe Reardon, as two of his images processed with the Topaz plug-ins have been selected to be on display in the US Halls of Congress.

As a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a notice was sent out that the newly elected Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter was initiating a program of “Art on Loan” to showcase NH artists in her office in Congress. The two images below were chosen personally by Porter; one to be displayed in her office in Manchester, NH while the other to be sent to her office in Washington DC. Both pieces will be on display during her entire tenure as Congresswoman.

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