Photography is all about story telling. Today’s post-processing tools can help us craft the story we’re telling almost as much as the shooting of the image. In this webinar, Tell Your Visual Story, Rad Drew shows how he uses Topaz Labs products such as Adjust, Impression, Glow, and Texture Effects, to help him tell a story with his color and infrared images.

Recorded: September 6, 2016

About Rad Drew

Rad Drew is professional photographer and award-winning iPhoneographer. His creative iPhone images have been recognized in juried international competitions and exhibited in galleries around the world. Using Topaz tools allows Rad to create effects similar to those he creates using the iPhone, but with greater control and higher resulting image quality. Rad teaches photography and leads tours throughout the United States, Cuba, and also Europe. He just completed his first successful tour in the south of France. He will be returning to Cuba for his 4th tour there in November.

Tell Your Visual Story with Rad Drew

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