(Note: this contest has already ended!)

Twitter is great as a communications tool. I was answering questions and discussing our software with Twitterers (…Tweeple? Twitterholics?) by the first month. The communication barrier is much lower than email or phone – a simple @topazlabs and we’ll get your message or feedback instantly and be able to respond equally as quickly. And on your end, you’ll be able to receive our updates instantly and unobtrusively. For example, if we have a discount that we announce through Twitter, you’ll know about it without having to open up an email or check our website.

So on that note, we’re giving away a Topaz Photoshop Bundle to three different Twitterers at the end of September! To enter the contest:

1. Follow @topazlabs on Twitter.
2. Tweet this message:

RT @topazlabs: 3 free Topaz #Photoshop Plug-In Bundles! To enter raffle: follow @topazlabs and retweet! Details here: http://is.gd/2Lxbd

We’ll be picking the winners by taking three random @topazlabs followers (generated from a randomizer) and then making sure they have the above tweet in their timeline. We will announce the winners at the beginning of October. Good luck, and comment here with any questions!

This post was originally posted on September 1, 2009
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