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So you’ve been editing images for awhile and you’ve figured out what works for your workflow to achieve your “look.” Today, we are going to enhance some images a little more non-traditionally. Whether you’ve been looking for a new interesting way to edit your images or maybe you just enjoy compositing. Either way, this tutorial can give a fun twist to images that otherwise may have been trashed.

For this tutorial, we are going to be using two programs Topaz ReMask and Topaz Impression. If you don’t own these programs, feel free to try them free for 30 days. Simply click the links above.

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Open your Image

Let’s start off by opening our image in Photoshop. You can do this by clicking File > Open… or by using the shortcut Command + O. If you don’t own Photoshop, open the image in one of our other Compatible Host Editors that supports layers and then skip down to the next step!

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Open Your Image in Photoshop

Topaz ReMask

Once you’ve opened your image, open Topaz ReMask. Open Topaz ReMask by clicking:

Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz ReMask…

Topaz labs: Impressionistic Views
Open Your Image in Topaz ReMask

Using the blue COMPUTE BRUSH (blue paint brush) and outline the subject(s) of the image. HINT: Make sure that any grass strands are painted with the blue compute brush.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Outline Your Subject with the Blue COMPUTE Brush

Now, use the red Flood Fill to CUT brush (red raindrop) to fill your subject.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Use the Red Flood to CUT Brush on the Subject Matter

Click the COMPUTE MASK button on the left-hand side of your screen. Remask will automatically show you the mask created.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Compute your Mask

Fine Tuning your Mask

You’ve created your mask, but let’s fine-tune it now.

TIP: When I’m fine-tuning a mask, I like to have ReMask in the “keep” view. If you wish to do the same, click the red apple (yellow box) at the top of your screen.

Now select the color range tool on the left-hand side of your screen (yellow box).

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Switch Views and Select the Color Range Tool

Wondering what the Color Range Brushes do?

These brushes allow you to selectively choose a color range that you wish to get rid of (or bring back in) and will only affect that particular color range. HINT: If there is a lot of contrast between your subject and background, you may increase the color range for quicker removal.

Use the Background Brush (red brush) to select parts of your subject that are still remaining. After selecting a color range, brush over the parts you wish to be deleted and repeat until your subject is completely gone.

The green foreground brush works just like the red background brush, except it selectively brings back in a color range.

Once you’re satisfied with your mask, click OK to import it back into Photoshop.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Mask Imported into Photoshop

Rename the new layer ReMask and then duplicate the layer. This can be done by right-clicking the layer and choosing Duplicate Layer…  or by using the short key Command + J. Rename the newly created layer Impression.

Topaz Impression

Open Topaz Impression by clicking:

Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Impression…

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Open Your Mask in Impression

NOTE: When you first open Impression, the areas you masked out will look a little funny. That’s ok. It will look normal when you import your changes back into Photoshop.

For this tutorial, I used a custom created effect called Impressionistic View. I have shared this effect in the Impression Topaz Community.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Image Opened in Impression

If you wish to download the exact same preset I used, just search the Community.

To Download an Effect from the Community

  • First, make sure you are logged into the community. This is done by clicking: Community > Login  on your toolbar at the top of your screen. HINT: Your login info is the same as your Topaz Labs’ account.
  • Next, change your view to Community. The Source button (yellow box) has 3 options: Local, Community, and Both. Select Community.

    Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
    Change the Source Button to Community
  • Now, click on the Search button (3 upright dots) in the right-hand corner.
Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Choose the Search Icon
  • Select Search and type in Impressionistic View then hit Enter. The effect should pop right up.
  • Click the Download icon in the bottom right of the effect. The effect Impressionistic View is now on your local machine!
  • Change the Source back to Local and select Downloaded from the Category list.
  • You can now see the effect is on your machine.

If you wish to tweak the preset, just click the slider icon in the center of the preset to enter the slider panel and make any necessary adjustments.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Apply “Impressionistic Views” Preset to Your Image

When you are satisfied with the effect on your mask, hit OK to import your change back into Photoshop.

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Import your Effect back into Photoshop

You have now created an effect that appears as if your subject is almost wading through a field of hand painted flowers.

Saving Your Work

If you are completely happy with your edit, save it! To save your work click:

File > Save As.. or use the short key Command + Shift + S and choose an appropriate file name, type, and location. 

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Completed Image

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have found inspiration to edit your images a little differently. Checkout these other images I made in just a few minutes each using the same process I just shared. I listed the Impression preset under each image if you’d like to apply the same effect to your image. If you followed this tutorial and created an image, we would love to see your work! Send it to

Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Cezanne I
Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Colored Pencil II
Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Degas Dancers II
Topaz Labs: Impressionistic Views
Georgia O’Keef II

Don’t forget to check out Topaz Labs on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram and see what other users are creating. We also offer free Webinars and have a great Discussion Forum if you’re interested in learning more!

About Taylor L. Seaton

Taylor Seaton is a 2016 graduate from Angelo State University. While attending ASU, she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and an area of emphasis in Business Management and Marketing. She also played volleyball at the collegiate level. She is currently the Social Media Manager at Topaz Labs and lives in Richardson, TX with her cat and dog.

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