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Have we lost touch with the emotive nature of the Portrait? Think back to the greats like Rembrandt, DaVinci, and Michaelangelo…they painstakingly applied a brush to canvas to capture not only the physical subject but the essence of them as well. While they were documenting the subject they were also coordinating colors with their mood and aura to make portraits that compelled the viewer to engage with them. In this webinar our guest, Blake Rudis, will show you how to make one of a kind portraits that both document the subject and compel the viewer to engage!

Blake is a Photoshop enthusiast with a strong Fine Art background. From painting in front of the TV with Bob Ross as a child to printmaking and sculpture he has always had a passion for anything creative. He currently has a thing for HDR Photography and you can see more of his images and Photoshop Tutorials at