What will you do with 3600% MORE PIXELS?!

This webinar will showcase several examples of how GigaPixel can “A.I. Imagine” all of the missing details when enlarging photos.

Also, many real-world applications will be demonstrated …

Making the perfect crop … for example, wildlife photographers often must frame their subjects from further away to capture the perfect moment. Convert your DSLR / Mirrorless photos into GigaPixel images that can be printed on walls that are 10 feet tall at 300 DPI. Enlarge smartphone photos to unparalleled resolutions for a variety of applications. Capturing high quality stills from video to capture that “perfect moment”.

One of the most exciting features of GigaPixel is how it recovers incredible detail from highly compressed and noisy photos. The webinar will also show a typical workflow for enlarging a small crop from a photo and then comparing that to other interpolation methods.

About Greg
Greg Rostami started working with Topaz Labs over 10 years ago as a product evangelist at trade shows. An avid close-up magician, he combined his love of technology and magic to create Rostami Magic which has created the most popular magic apps for iOS and Android.He has developed several technologies for film restoration, 3D visual effects, and other digital pipelines that have spawned a new generation of post-production services. Greg Rostami has worked for over a decade for feature film visual effects in movies like Batman Forever, Outbreak, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Deep Blue Sea, and many others.

Today, in his spare moments, he spends quality time with his family, programs GLSL shaders on Shadertoy.com, and makes a MEAN MARGARITA!! 😉