Difficulty: Everyone, great for Novice and Pro alike

Whether creating works of art using textures and painterly effects, or coaxing the array of colors from landscape images, Topaz Studio has the tools to help photographers explore a multitude of options to satisfy a range of creative appetites.

In his upcoming Topaz Webinar, photographer Rad Drew shares how he uses Topaz Studio and various Topaz effects, adjustments, and plug-ins to craft images across a wide range of genres, from highly stylized creations to vividly realistic landscapes. Join Rad as he shows how to use Remask to replace a ho-hum background with a beautiful texture, how to select and “tweak” texture effects for just the right look, and how to use HSL Color tuning to isolate and control contrast, brightness, and hue of individual colors in a landscape for outstanding results.

Rad is a teacher, tour leader, and award-winning photographer whose creative images have been recognized in juried international competitions and exhibited in galleries around the world. His photography workshops in the South of France, Cape Cod, Tuscany, Cuba, Hawaii, and destinations throughout the continental USA are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world. Learn more by visiting his website (http://www.RadDrewPhotography.com),

Be sure to stick around after the presentation for a quick Q/A with rad as well as webinar specific discounts and to see if you’re one of the two winners of the Topaz Studio Go Pro Adjustment Bundle.